Basic Infographics For Photographers

Focal Lengths

Focal Lengths

Manual Photography

Manual Photography

3 Ways to Affect Depth of Field

Depth of Field

What Your Camera Captures At Every Lens’ Focal Length

What Your Camera Captures At Every Lens' Focal Length

Photography Cheatsheet

Photograhy Cheatsheet

3 Elements of Exposure


Color Temperature Scale

Color Temperature

F-Stop Chart

F-Stop Chart

Lighting Modifiers

Lighting Modifiers

Portrait Lighting

Portrait Lighting

Portrait Lighting For Home Studio

Home Lighting

Nikon vs Canon: Shooting Modes

Shooting Modes

Nikon Metering Mode

Metering Modes

Reading The Nikon Viewfinder

Nikon Viewfinder

Portrait And Posing Ideas

Posing Ideas

How To Read A Histogram


Portrait Cropping Guide

Cropping Guide

More Photography Resources

Here are more (but wordy) resources to help in certain photography situations. The following also includes keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture together with a few other cheatsheets for certain DSLR models.

10 Rules of Photography

10 Rules of Photography

Wedding Photography Cheatsheet

Wedding Photography

Family Portrait Cheatsheet

Family Portrait Cheatsheet

Landscape Photography Cheatsheet

Landscape Photography

Action Photography Cheatsheet

Action Photography

Macro Photography Cheatsheet

Macro Photography

Photographer Rights

Photographer Rights

Best Shutter Speeds For Every Situation

Best Shutter Speeds For Every Situation

Adobe Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows & Mac

Lightroom Shortcuts

Apple Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts

Aperture Shortcuts

Canon Memory Card Compatibility

Canon Memory Card



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