70 Creative Advertisements That Make You Look Twice

FedEx Kinkos – Office Products now at fedexkinkos.com

The Naval Museum of Alberta

Nothing can replace a tree.


Australia Post – If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter.

Australia Post – Personalized your post


Starwars III – Return of the Sith

The Fitness Company

Sprite Ice Blue

Condomshop.ch – Don’t be stupid, protect yourself.

Eurostar.com – London for lovers

Clorets – Eliminate bad breath

Mini Cooper


3M – 3M Security Glass

Sharpie permanent markers

Denver Water – Use only what you need.

Bergmann funeral service – Come a litle closer.

Domino’s Pizza – Hole

Duracell – Last longer, much longer

WWF – save the world with a few coins

Freshlife – Start a fresh life.

Pepsi Twist

WWF – Don’t cut the rain forest.

Mr. Hot Pepper

M&M – Communication just got sweeter

Orion telescope

Nike – Just do it

Kill Bill 2

Glassex cleaner

Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/70-creative-advertisements-that-makes-you-look-twice/


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