50 Most Outstanding Photographers’ Portfolio For Inspiration

Each of these portfolios contains some of the most amazing photos perfect for inspiration.

1. Alberto Oviedo

Simple, interactive, and easy-to-navigate portfolio website containing a very beautiful photography.

Alberto Oviedo Photography

2. Andrew G. Hobbs

A very direct portfolio website. The intro is fun and the portrait style is very outstanding.

Andrew G. Hobbs

3. Andrew Gransden

His photographs capture the emotion and joy of the moment whether it is of the happy wedding couple, your family or the natural world. The joy and beauty of his photography is clearly seen in this portfolio website.


4. Ashley Lebedev

The fantasy-like intro matched with a very nice touch of fantasy music perfects the photographer’s artistic vision which maybe best described as “emotional”, “atmospheric”, and “nostalgic”.
Ashley Lebedev

5. Bagrad Badalian

This portfolio website has a very strong and dramatic feel to it matched with rhythmic music to amplify the feel and describe the photographer’s strong and dramatic photography.

Bagrad Badalian

6. Ben Hassett

Simple and effective portfolio with white background showcasing the photographer’s artistic combination of different styles.

Ben Hassett

7. Brent Stirton

The black background mixed with very strong and hard-hitting photography grabs us with strong photojournalism.

Brent Stirton

8. Chase Jarvis

The photographer has a big, soft spot for raw and visual impact and you can feel it with his seemingly alive photographs. The simple white background in contrast of the black heading of this photographer’s portfolio website lets you feel his photography even more.

Chase Jarvis

9. Christian Oth

“One of the Top Wedding Photographers in the World.” The intro music of the photographer’s portfolio site and fast slides of some of his wedding photographs will make you think no less.

Christian Oth

10. Ciril Jazbec

A very interactive portfolio showcasing this young photographer’s passion for the art.

<Ciril Jazbec

11. Corey Arnold

This cute little fella on the front of this portfolio reveals the amazing world of the photographer . The effective collection style of this portfolio totally grabs us to the photographer’s world.

Corey Arnold

12. Cornelia Adams

Artistic and creative. This refreshing and beautiful portfolio site will tell you all about the photographer’s love and passion for creative photography and magazine photography.

Cornilia Adams

13. Daniel Kennedy

Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly, David Beckham, and yes, that’s Lindsay Lohan right there on the front. London-based celebrity and fashion photographer Daniel Kennedy showcases this very glamorous portfolio.

Daniel Kennedy

14. Dave Hill

Unique and quite tricky portfolio. The front design of this portfolio advertises the photographer’s passion for the art and editing. But navigate through the site and you’ll enter the amazing world of portrait and landscape photography.

Dave Hill

15. David Lindsey Wade

“Directorial realism coupled with an aggressively graphic finish”. With almost pure black background and a rebellious font, this portfolio clearly illustrate the artistic, and rebellious photography of a world class photographer.

David Lindsey Wade

16. Dimitris Theocharis

Easy-to-navigate portfolio website and a very beautiful font header, this design is a complete contrast to the photographer’s bold and daring photography.

Dimitris Theocharis

17. Frederick Clement

This amazingly designed portfolio of the photographer matches all the drama and explosiveness of the world of sports photography with full screen enabled to have the perfect impression.

Frederick Clement

18. Gavin Gough

The front page contains the navigation field on the left and a big picture on the background. This brilliant photographer will inspire you with the fast playing background of his portfolio website, showing the happy and vibrant colors of his photography.

Gavin Gough

19. Henrik Knudsen

You will like this portfolio website arranged with experience by the photographer Henrik Knudsen.

Henrik Knudsen

20. Hervé Lefebvre

I love how you can simply navigate through the portfolio. The gray and black combination and the blurry image of the photograph on the back emphasizes the photograph.

Herve Lefebvre

21. Jeremy Cowart

Beauty, mood, raw, texture and more…All the different styles of a graphic designer turned full-time photographer Jeremy Cowart will inspire you directly up-front with the slick design of this photographer’s portfolio website.

Jeremy Cowart

22. Jill Greenberg

This is a quiet and simple yet one of the most effective photographers’ portfolio website I’ve ever seen. The simple white background and small fonts without too much flashy effects on the side makes this portfolio unique and very easy to navigate.

23. João Canziani

Executing slick, highly-lit fashion shoots, this young photographer has made his way to becoming one of PDN’s 30 Young Photographers to Watch. He displays his intensely personal images he shot in Lima that attracted magazines such as Fader and Travel & Leisure to this simply designed portfolio…Simple yet effective.

<Joao Canziani

24. Joel Rhodin

Large image on the right, and a very arranged gallery on the left. This easy to navigate portfolio with a “start slideshow” option on the side reveals all of this amazing photography.

Joel Rhodin

25. Joey Lawrence

This amazing shots on the front is greatly amplified by the photographer’s portfolio with black background.

Joey Lawrence

26. Jonathan Glynn Smith

The nice flash intro up front tells us that this portfolio belongs to a top fashion and magazine photographer.

Jonathan Glynn Smith

27. Kalle Gustafsson

Beautiful in its simplicity. The front page consists of a big, bold picture up front and gray typography below with the navigation menu. Note the high quality and sophisticated look of the portfolios which makes it clear that the photographer operates at the high end of the market.

Kalle Gustafsson

28. Kazuha Matsumoto

This portfolio website welcomes the viewer with a very cool slide followed by the main content flashing the photographer’s unique style of expressing strength and luxury. Note the smooth and easy-to-navigate feel of the site.

Kazuha Matsumoto

29. Koen Demuynck

The combination of the big flashy images in the front and the smooth navigation on the right gives of that “what’s next” and exciting feel to this cool portfolio.

Koen Demuynck

30. Lara Jade

The design of this portfolio is very unique and  direct, you won’t notice it right away but you can actually view all the photographs horizontally with the scrollbar below. This internationally acclaimed  photographer’s most compelling quality is the ability to color her images with strong elements of romanticism, fantasy and a hint of darkness which is completely visible through this uniquely designed portfolio.

Lara Jade

31. Les Forrester

This high class photographer’s site is a display of very simple and amazing designs. With black background, complemented with white, gray and a little bit of red typography, this portfolio effectively showcases the work of top class photography.

Les Forrester

32. Levon Biss

Award winning sports and portrait photographer exhibits his world class photography in a gray background with easy to navigate menu with full screen enabled to “wow!” us even more.

Levon Biss

33. Lisa Bettany

This amazing picture welcomes you to one of the world’s top portrait photographer. The beauty and elegance of her photography is absolutely magnified by the portfolio’s black background and gray typography.

Lisa Bettany

34. Luigi Bussolati

A slide of some of his best works in a dark black background welcomes the viewer. It has a dynamic feel to it with full screen enabled and also autopilot enabled suggesting to us to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Luigi Bussolati

35. Lyndon Wade

Does the name Lyndon Wade mean anything to you? You can enjoy this part of his portfolio website when you view his “About” page. This is a very cool portfolio website. You can feel a very cool and glamorous feel when navigating around this world class photographer’s portfolio website.

Lyndon Wade

36. Micah Albert

Big and bold Micah Albert intro. You can enter this amazing portfolio with the images flashing smoothly. With a dark background and cool sound effects when hovering through the menu, this portfolio gives off that professional photojournalist feel, complementing his strong and marvelous photography.

Micah Albert

37. Mitchell Kanashkevich

Capturing culture and human conditions in unique and challenging situations, this curious world wanderer and a travel/documentary photographer exhibits his extensive collection in an effectively designed portfolio.

Mitchell Kanashkevich

38. Nicholas Samaras

The dark background and nostalgic music, plus the giant octopus in the front tells us that this new photographer is one of the best in the world of underwater photography.

Nicholas Samaras

39. Paolo Boccardi

This is another example of amazingly designed portfolio website. The glamorous portraits in the front and that horizontal gallery makes it very easy to navigate and the gray background gives emphasis to the glamor.

Paolo Boccardi

40. Rinze Van Brug

This top class photographer’s passion for art, in general, is magnified with his magazine-like portfolio with the white background and wonderful shots up front.

Rinze Van Brug

41. Robert Dann

It always gets me. The amazing horizontal gallery style. The smoothness and continuity of wonderfully shot photographs. And who thought that brown, pink, and white would go well together.

Robert Dann

42. Sarah Cheng De Winne

Another one with full screen enabled suggesting that you can only get world class photography when browsing through this world class photographer’s portfolio website.

Sarah Cheng De Winne

43. Seb Janiak

Very cool game-like user interface effectively shows the photographer’s love for photography and graphic art.

Seb Janiak

44. Senol Zorlu

Again with the cool horizontal gallery, this flashy portfolio with gray background and pink headings is complementary to this photographer’s top class photography. But the best feature is the very interactive menu.

Senol Zorlu

45. Simon Hoegsberg

The “100 meters of existence” in front of the picture is a very catchy feature of this amazing photographer’s portfolio.

Simon Hoegsberg

46. Steve McCurry

One of today’s finest image-makers, Steve McCurry captures the essence of human struggle and joy. The red background and “folk-lore” like structure and typography of his portfolio really brings emphasis to his evocative color photography.

Steve McCurry

47. Thomas Kettner

White really works with fashion and lifestyle photography. It lets the viewers focus more on the wonderfully shot images. With a simple background and smooth slides, his photography seemingly capture the eyes of his viewers.

Thomas Kettner

48. Timothy Hogan

What better way to introduce magazine photography than using pure black background with white and gray typography to further intensify the power of each photograph.

Timothy Hogan

49. Yuri Yasuda

Even with Japanese typography, you can still appreciate works of amazing fashion photographers such as Yuri Yasuda through the simple and effective portfolio website.


50. Zhang Jingna

Last but definitely not the least. Just wait for the page to load and you’ll see “something beautiful” by top fashion photographer Zhang Jingna.

Zhang Jingna

Source: http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/inspiration/photographers-portfolio/


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