20 digital artists to follow on Behance

With millions of views each month, online creative community Behance is quickly becoming the place to be for artists of all disciplines. It’s a fantastic way to see what your peers are up to as well as finding new work and creative inspiration from top web designers and agencies.

But, with so many portfolios to browse through, it can be difficult to know where to start. So to make things easy for you, we’ve done the hard work and picked 20 of the top digital art portfolios that are definitely worth a look…

01. Alberto Seveso

digital artists to follow on Behance
This is just one of many stunning digital images that feature in the portfolio of artist Alberto Seveso

The portfolio of digital artist Alberton Seveso is awe-inspiring. With multiple pages of stunning digital images, there really is something here for everyone. A master of Photoshop, Seveso has created artwork for brands including Sony, Bacardi and Nikon to name a few.

02. Evgeny Parfenov

digital artists to follow on Behance
Parfenov created this brilliant Morrissey illustration for Rolling Stone magazine

If you’re looking for inspiration, especially in the art of character illustration, then you should definitely check out the work of digital artist Evgeny Parfenov. This talented creative has created work for clients including Rolling Stone magazine, Newsweek, Wired, GQ and Playboy, many of which feature in his amazing portfolio.

03. Natalie Shau

digital artists to follow on Behance
Natalie Shau created this gorgeous digital image for jewellery magazine Solitaire

Natalie Shau is a mixed media artist, specialising in digital illustration. The Lithuanian illustrator has worked with many leading clients, including Sony BMG and Cadbury. If you like the weird and wonderful, check out her inspiring portfolio.

04. Anton Semenov

digital artists to follow on Behance
Semenov created this intricate illustration in Photoshop for international art collective Slashthree

The work of digital artist Anton Semenov is stunning, with an incredibly dark undertone. Colour is sparse in this talented creative’s portfolio, instead featuring detailed drawings in mainly black, white and grey. Haunting but beautiful imagery here.

05. Bram Vanhaeren

digital artists to follow on Behance
Bram Vanhaeren created a series of beautiful illustrations of his favourite athletes, including this one of Usain Bolt

Digital illustrator Bram Vanhaeren has been developing his skills in Illustrator for the last five years. And the results are definitely worth taking a look at. This talented artist’s portfolio is overflowing with gorgeous black and white and colour digital illustrations to inspire you.

06. Melvin Zelissen

digital artists to follow on Behance
A fan of Transformers, digital artist Melvin Zelissen recreated the film’s Ironhide character

If you like sci-fi and fantasy artwork, take a look at the awesome portfolio of digital artist Melvin Zelissen. Based in the Netherlands, the 23-year-old designer has been developing his digital skills since 2007 when he first began using Photoshop.

07. Richard Davies

digital artists to follow on Behance
This gorgeous depiction of Debbie Harry is one of many stunning portraits that feature in Richard Davies portfolio

Freelance digital designer and illustrator Richard Davies has been in the business for the last decade, predominantly working with print and corporate identity. Most recently, Davies has created illustrations for Rolling Stone Magazine and various other publications, all of which can be found in his awe-inspiring portfolio.

08. Aaron Campbell

digital artists to follow on Behance
Campbell created this piece, titled Nomadic, for online art group Intrinsic Nature’s 12th exhibition

Aaron Campbell aka Ecstatic is a digital illustrator based in Vancouver. After first laying his hands on Photoshop in 2007, Campbell has not looked back, now spending his time filling his brilliant portfolio with digital paintings, drawings of his signature characters, manipulating photos and creating abstract art.

09. Aleksi Kostyuk

digital artists to follow on Behance
An active member of various art collectives, Kostjuk created this piece for the 17th exhibit of online art group The Luminarium

Aleksi Kostjuk aka Visio is a Ukranian digital artist based in Munich, Germany. Currently working as an art director, Kostjuk is an active member of various art collectives where he acts out his passion for digital art. His portfolio is full of inspiring imagery, which showcases his talents in logo creation, web and graphic design.


10. Martin Grohs

digital artists to follow on Behance
This is just one of many stunning digital images that features in the brilliant portfolio of Martin Grohs

Martin Grohs has been creating digital art for the last four years, specialising in photomanipulation and the use of Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D. Grohs likes to think outside of the box, commenting on his portfolio that his ‘passion is to create art that inspires the viewer to think about and deal with the topic.’

11. JR Schmidt

digital artists to follow on Behance
Design inspiration lab Inspiredology approached Schmidt to create a poster for its Facebook contest. And this was the result

Digital artist JR Schmidt specialises in 3D art and motion graphics. His portfolio is not the most extensive we’ve seen but what is there is definitely worth taking a look at. Currently working at New York-based digital agency Firstborn, we look forward to seeing what he adds next.

13. Steve Fraschini

digital artists to follow on Behance
Fraschini created this conceptual vision for what could’ve been a series of advertising on the Nike Air mag

With a beautiful portfolio, full of strong, striking images, digital artist Steve Fraschini is definitely worth a follow. The Paris-based designer is constantly producing brilliant artwork and sharing it with the rest of the world. He also has many recognitions under his belt, including being in the Top 100 Adweek Talent 2012.

13. Andrea Mancuso

digital artists to follow on Behance
Digital artist Andrea Mancuso created a small series of awesome liquid characters

This is where lead digital artist Andrea Mancuso shares her personal work, which we’d like to thank her for as her portfolio is full of inspiring artwork. Featuring everything from cartoon images and hyper-real renders to character design, advertising and motion graphics, Mancuso covers all digital creative fields.

14. Chris LaBrooy

digital artists to follow on Behance
Digital designer Chris LaBrooy created this awesome personal project titled Sneaker Tectonics

Freelance designer and illustrator Chris LaBrooy specialises in 3D graphics and design. And his awesome portfolio is full of beautiful examples of both. One of our personal favourites is this cool Sneaker Tectonics illustration, which is a personal project by LaBrooy.

15. Victor Ortiz

digital artists to follow on Behance
Victor Ortiz created this detailed illustration for digital art collection Space Divers

Victor Ortiz is founder of graphic Colombian-based design studio Iconblast. And luckily for us, all the awesome work he’s done has been poured into an awe-inspiring portfolio. Full of detailed, vibrant illustrations and images, this guy is definitely worth a follow.

16. Justin Maller

digital artists to follow on Behance
This is just one of many awesome, abstract digital images by Justin Maller

Digital artist Justin Maller is founder and creative director of modern art collective Depthcore. And this talented creative has a portfolio rammed full of striking digital images. This particular Pyramids piece is one of our favourites, which Maller was kind enough to donate it to us as a wallpaper back in October.

17. Benjamin Voldman

digital artists to follow on Behance
Voldman created this fun, vibrant digital image for the front cover of the Village Voice Fall Arts Guide publication

If you like fun, simple graphic illustrations, check out the growing portfolio of illustrator and designer Benjamin Voldman. Born in Paris, Voldman moved to the US and currently resides in NYC. His work has been featured in various publications such as Runner’s World, Town & Country and The Society of Illustrators.

18. Dennis Mundt

digital artists to follow on Behance
88mph baby!

Dennis Mundt is a passionate graphic & sound designer. And luckily for the rest of the world, he shares his creative talent through his brilliant portfolio. Bursting with vibrant, detailed digital images, this talented artist creates work for various venues – our favourite being this Back to the Future inspired artwork for Mikros club.

19. Obery Nicholas

digital artists to follow on Behance
Ok, so a little bit terrifying. But awesome nonetheless.

French art director Obery Nicholas has a ridiculous amount of talent when it comes to the art of digital illustration. Seriously, we could talk about all the projects in his awe-inspiring portfolio but instead we’re just going to leave you to look for yourselves and let the pages full of intricate black and white illustrations do the talking.

20. Timothy J Reynolds

digital artists to follow on Behance
Digital designer Timothy Reynold’s portfolio is full of beautiful, low poly 3D illustrations

Senior digital designer Timothy Reynolds specialises in 3D illustration. In particular, low-poly 3D illustration and his portfolio showcases his talent in the medium brilliantly. We particularly like the addition of detailed sketchbook drawing and the many images detailing this artist’s work process.

Source: http://www.creativebloq.com/art/digital-artists-behance-12121570


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