Mesmerizing Abandoned Building Photography

It’s simply mesmerizing how marvelous some abandoned buildings are, like some French manors and other countryside houses. There are also churches and even military facilities… it’s like these places are simply frozen in time waiting their inhabitants to come back and move on with their lives. These were taken by truly talented photographers and for more of their work simply click each image! They’ll definitely enjoy your visit. Also, if you got your own photographs of abandoned buildings, share it with us!

town house interior by Andreas S on 
town house interior by Andreas S

Abandoned Manor by Paul Howes on 
Abandoned Manor by Paul Howes

Dusty Anthology by James Charlick on 
Dusty Anthology by James Charlick

Bed of Princes by David Pinzer on 
Bed of Princes by David Pinzer

2 of 3 : Discover by Brandon Sharpe on 
2 of 3 : Discover by Brandon Sharpe

Arcana imperii by Niki Feijen on 
Arcana imperii by Niki Feijen

The Entrance ...  by Faon Photography on 
The Entrance … by Faon Photography

No More Preaching, No More Prayers by Matthias Haker on 
No More Preaching, No More Prayers by Matthias Haker

power plant k by Andreas S on 
power plant k by Andreas S

All the saints by David Pinzer on 
All the saints by David Pinzer

Vintage Lounge by Niki Feijen on 
Vintage Lounge by Niki Feijen

Wanna play hide and seek? by Henrique Martins on 
Wanna play hide and seek? by Henrique Martins

The Dome by Roman Vukolov on 
The Dome by Roman Vukolov

What once was by Niki Feijen on 
What once was by Niki Feijen

The Jaws by James Charlick on 
The Jaws by James Charlick

Church of the 9 ghosts II by Niki Feijen on 
Church of the 9 ghosts II by Niki Feijen

Lack of Water by xflo : w on 
Lack of Water by xflo : w

Communicate with me ! by Greg Mckenzie on 
Communicate with me ! by Greg Mckenzie

The Last Prayer by Matthias Haker on 
The Last Prayer by Matthias Haker

Abandoned School in Tbilisi by Roland Shainidze on 
Abandoned School in Tbilisi by Roland Shainidze

chamber of commerce by Sven Fennema on 
chamber of commerce by Sven Fennema

back in time by Andreas S on 
back in time by Andreas S

Welcome Home by Jeff Edes on 
Welcome Home by Jeff Edes

walls of wine by Sven Fennema on 
walls of wine by Sven Fennema

Home Sweet Home by Brian Estelle on 
Home Sweet Home by Brian Estelle

The Haunting New Bedford Orphuem by Frank Grace on 
The Haunting New Bedford Orphuem by Frank Grace



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