Top places to visit in Myanmar

Burma is on fire: not only literally due to the resurgence of tribal armed conflicts. Tourism is finally booming and recently long queues have been reported in embassies to get a visa. Even Obama has officially visited this Buddhist republic, just after his reelection.

Independent travel to Myanmar requires an extra effort of organization. There are no ATMs available, it’s hard to book accommodation beforehand, and you need special permissions to go to some areas among other logistic handicaps.

So, does it worth all the hassle? Whatever you decide, Atlas of Wonders believes that a selection of marvelous pictures worth more than a thousand words. Here are the top highlights to visit in Burma, plus a selection off the beaten track. They may serve both to build a route (map at the end) or to be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa:

Highlights of Myanmar
Ballooning over a dusty plain with thousands of temples and pagodas.. This is Bagan, comparable in splendor to Angkor in Cambodia, and the country’s main tourist attraction. Image by Martin Sojka
Temples Myanmar
Mrauk U is not a nazi submarine, it was the capital of an ancient powerful kingdom.
Image by Jonathan Khee
Highlights of Burma
Inle Lake and its funny festivals. Included in any tour company agenda.
Image by Mylene Vijette
Places to go in Burma
Children of the Corn. Just joking, Burma is considered as one of the safest countries for foreigners in the world. The real threats here are tropical diseases and wild fauna.
Image by Thomas Brauner
Places to go in Myanmar
Colorful Burmese mountains. Trekking around Kalaw during the fall may look like this.
Image by Peter Opal Liu
Off the beaten track in Myanmar
The rock that defied gravity. The Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock, precariously decorated on the brink.
Image by Bessie and Kyle
Visual guide Myanmar
Point of arrival and departure. Since 2007, ramshackled Yangon is not the capital of the country anymore. The military junta decided to move inland to the artificial and ghostly Naypyidaw. According wikipedia, a warning about amphibious invasion was delivered to the military chief by an astrologer. Image by Bessie and Kyle
Mingun Paya
Unfinished king size pagoda. A massive pile of bricks in Mingun.
Image by Memorias de Oriente
Falls Myanmar
Falls around Pyin Oo Lwin. Love this name, seems an emoticon.
Image by Ken Marshall
Visual guide Burma
We are not going to compare Kyaut Ka Latt sanctuary with Avatar, promised.
Image by Jacques Beaulieu
Myanmar tourism
Endless rows of Buddhas. The biggest Buddhas in the world are still under construction in the Bodhi Tataung complex in Monywa. Image by Christophe Chenevier
Biggest Buddha
Ginormous Buddhas. Although this one in Mawlamyine has been restored and painted, I prefer this older picture. Here it doesn’t look so kitsch to me. Image by Emily and Michael Dziedzic
Surreal landscapes. Talking about tacky religious artwork, we can’t forget our visit to the Laotian Buddha Park.
Image by Jacques Beaulieu
Cliff-perched Monastery
Cliff-perched architecture. Mount Popa, a monastery Meteora style (Greece).
Image by Michael Geminder
Top places Myanmar
Extended sea. Ngapali beach, considered Myanmar’s number one.
Image by Jean-Marie Hullot
Ngapali Beach
Unspoiled coast. There are many other beaches to bear in mind, apart of the famous Ngapali.
Image by Simone Dall’Angelo
Mandalay Travel
Get lost near Mandalay. Plenty of picturesque opportunities.
Image by Michael Foley
Burma travel routes
The Bridge on the River Irrawaddy. can you hear the whistling of the tune?
Image by Aung Khaing
Myanmar travel routes
A 1.2 km wooden footbridge. The U Bein’s Bridge in Amarapura, more photographed than the one above.
Image by Jean-Marie Hullot
Gokteik viaduct
One crossing more. Go for a scenic train ride over Gokteik viaduct, on the way to Lashio.
Image by Axel Drainville
Tribal Burma
Experience the tribal thing. Jah!
Image by Taina Bee
Objective BurmaWould you like to go?
Image by Abrinsky

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