Top 10 must-see destinations in Laos

Laos is a mountainous country in Southeast Asia that was long forgotten from the outside world. Along with the developments of this country especially in tourism, attractions in Laos are becoming more attractive than ever. In today’s blog, we would like to present you ten magnificent destinations in Laos not to be missed in your next trip to Indochina.

1. Vang Vieng

Known as the most beautiful landscape in Laos, Vang Vieng is a riverside town attracting millions of young travelers from all over the world with a landscape of mountain peaks, Nam Song River and mystic waterfall and caves. Don’t forget to discover ancient caves or trek and rock climbing in the limestone mountains if you have a chance to visit Vang Vieng.

Vang Vieng

2. Muang Ngoi Neua

Following upstream of the river in northern Luang Prabang about an hour by car, visitors will set their foot in Muang Ngoi Neua. This is a mountainous town suitable for those who love walking, trekking  side by side with river and mountains.

3. Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang is a huge golden – covered stupa in Vientiane. This building is not only the most important monument for Laotians, but also the land of a million elephants’ pride. Built since the 16th century on the ruins of a Khmer temple, this stupa underwent ups and downs of history but it still attracts travelers by fantastic architecture nowadays.

Pha That Luang

4. Si Phan Don

Also known as the land of “four thousand islands”, Si Phan Don is a vast archipelago situated at the South Pole of Laos, where the Mekong River flows through the Khone waterfall before mixing with the main river in Cambodia. With more than 4000 islands in various scales, Si Phan Don brings visitors the fascinated landscape that you’d want to spend your whole day discovering. Interestingly, you can see Irrawaddy dolphins by boat along Si Phan Don. They are considered to be highly endangered. Don’t forget drink Beer Lao and enjoy a great view of sunset when visiting Si Phan Don.

Si Phan Don

5. Luang Prabang

Your journey coming to the land of a million elephants would be incomplete if you have never ever visited Luang Prabang. This is one of the best-preserved cities in Asia that will make you stunned by its timeless beauty.

The main part of this city is situated on a peninsula between the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers in the mountainous region of Northern Laos. Here you can find ancient Buddhist temples, the nature landscape or discover the local life in mountainous villages.

6. Bokeo nature reserve

Bokeo nature reserve was created for the protection for many kinds of animals being endangered. The best way to explore this protected area is taking part in a Gibbon Experience Project. This is a conservation project which came into existence after the indigenous black-cheeked gibbon was discovered. With the lush green tropical forest, fascinating tree houses and little rope bridges in the jungle, you will truly escape your daily busy life and feel refreshing more than ever!

7. Tham Kong Lo cave

Tham Kong Lo cave is considered one of the nature wonders of Southeast Asia. Due to the Nam Hun Bun river flows 7km through the big limestone mountain and the cave is about 90m high, Tham Kong Lo does look like a tunnel in central Laos. This is a suitable destination for those who want to join adventurous journeys.

8. Kuang Si waterfall

Kuang Si is listed to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. As this waterfall has three tiers leading to a 50m drop into spectacular pools before flowing downstream, Kuang Si is the must-see destination in Luang Prabang. Interestingly, at the bottom of the fall there are some pools and most of the pools are open for swimming. If you have a chance to come to Kuang Si Waterfall, make sure that you have a swimwear in your suitcase!

Kuang Si waterfall

9. Mekong river

Mekong is the longest river in Southeast Asia which flows through 5 countries including Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Derived from China, its estimated length is 4.350km. To discover one of the most well-known rivers in the world, you can go sailing from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang and enjoy the landscape riverside. This river supports one of the world’s most diverse fisheries, second only after Brazil’s Amazon River.

10. Vieng Xai

Built in Hua Phan province since 1960, Vieng Xai is one of the most incredible tunnels in the world where many soldiers hided during the war in Laos. With the capacity of more than 23 million people, there are army barracks, cinema and hospital or even market inside this “hidden city”. Although it is similar to the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam, Vieng Xai is very special because of its geography. Jungle valleys and tall karts mountains with hundreds of natural caves are the great place to hide out.



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