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17 Amazing Inspirational Picture Quotes!

inspirational picture quotes dreams come true
“The best dreams happen when you’re awake.”

Turn your dreams into memories! Wake up and make it happen. Don’t just dream; create!

inspirational picture quotes best things in life
“The best things in life are not things, it’s the people who make you feel loved and cared for.”

The quality of our life will be determined by the quality of our relationships. Make it a point and a goal, to have outstanding relationships!

Einstein inspirational picture quotes
“I am thankful to all those who said no, it’s because of them, I did it myself.” -Albert Einstein

Let all the doubters, haters and non-believers turn you into an independent, self reliant, goal reaching and compassion giving machine! :-)

inspirational picture quotes write your story
“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”

You are the director, author and pilot of your life! Let that idea excite you and free you!

inspirational picture quotes positive self image
“A strong positive self image is the best possible preparation for success in life.” – Dr. Joyce Brothers

Even when no one else sees it for you. You MUST see it for yourself!

inspirational picture quotes dont worry
“Do not worry about those who talk behind your back, they are behind you for a reason.”

Let them talk! You just stay focused on your focus! Keep moving forward!

inspirational picture quotes about your future
“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.”

Every single moment shapes our future. Be intentional. Live on purpose! :-)

inspirational picture quotes about learning
“Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.”

Everything that happens to us, happens to teach us something. Find the lessons in everything!

inspirational picture quotes by martin luther king jr.
“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

No matter what; keep moving forward! Move forward like your life depends on it…because it does!

inspirational picture quotes by mark twain
“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

Why do you do what you do? Who will be better because of you? What’s your why?

inspirational picture quotes on love and trust
“The best proof of love is trust.” -Dr. Joyce Brothers

Trust that life wants you to win. Trust yourself. Move on and let go! :-)

inspirational picture quotes about love and life
“Over every mountain is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.” – Theodore Roethke

Sometimes we have to take a step back to notice the patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are stopping us from moving forward. Find your path!

inspirational picture quotes by eric thomas
“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, that’s when you will be successful!” – Eric Thomas

One question: How bad do you want it?

inspirational picture quotes about mistakes
“Mistake are proof that you are trying.”

Regardless of how many mistakes you are making. You are light years ahead of all the people who are not even trying! :-)

inspirational picture quotes by rumi
“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha

Find yourself! Give yourself! Create your best self in the process! :-)

inspirational picture quotes about new days of life
“Rise up, start fresh, see the bright opportunity in each new day.”

Make each new day the best day of your life.

inspirational picture quotes about our comfort zone
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Source: http://everydaypowerblog.com/2014/03/02/17-amazing-inspirational-and-motivational-picture-quotes/

21 Facts About Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind


Everyone knows that Irish Wolfhounds are the biggest dogs in the land and that a dog’s brain is specialized for scent, but here are a few quirky and mind-blowing facts that you probably don’t know related to our beloved pups.

Fact #21: Dogs are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures, can count up to five and can perform simple mathematical calculations. The average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child.(Source.)

funny-gif-kid-walking-dog (1)


Fact #20: Some stray Russian dogs have figured out how to use the subway system in order to travel to more populated areas in search of food. (Source.)

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 2.09.22 PM

Fact #19: Dogs don’t enjoy being hugged as much as humans and other primates. Canines interpret putting a limb over another animal as a sign of dominance. (Source.)



Fact #18: Two stray dogs in Afghanistan saved 50 American soliders. A Facebook group raised $21,000 to bring the dogs back to the US and reunite them with the soldiers.(Source.)

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 1.57.51 PM

Fact #17: The Beatles song “A day in the Life” has an extra high-pitched whistle, audible only to dogs. It was recorded by Paul McCartney for the enjoyment of his Shetland sheepdog.(Source.)


Fact #16: This pup, Nesbit, earned over one million Delta airline miles in his life and had his own frequent flier card. (Source.)


Fact #15: One of Michael Vick’s former fighting dogs, Leo, went on to be a therapy dog who comforted dying children.(Source.)


Fact #14: Service dogs are trained to know when they are on duty. When their harness is on, they know it’s business time. When you take it off, the pups immediately become playful and energetic.(Source.)

service harness

Fact #13: Tiger Woods stuttered as a child and used to talk to his dog until he fell asleep in an effort to get rid of it. (Source.)


Fact #12: Seeing eye dogs pee and poo on command so that their owners can clean up after them. Male dogs are also trained to do their business without lifting their leg.(Source.)


Fact #11:In ancient China, an emperor’s last line of defense was a small Pekingese dog literally hidden up his sleeve.(Source.)


Fact #10: When Lord Byron was informed that his dog was not allowed to come with him to Cambridge Trinity College, he retaliated by bringing a bear instead.(Source.)


Fact #9: In 1860′s San Francisco, two stray dogs who were best friends became local celebrities. Their exploits were celebrated in local papers and they were granted immunity from the city’s dog catchers. (Source.)


Fact #8: There is a dog-shaped building in New Zealand.(Source.)

dog bldg

Fact #7: This dog, Naki’o, lost all of his legs to frostbite in Colorado, but now has four prosthetic legs and can run around like normal.(Source.)

Naki'o, a dog with four prosthetic devices, poses for a photo in Colorado Springs

Fact #6: The wetness of a dog’s nose is essential for determining what direction a smell is coming from.(Source.)

dog nose

Fact #5: Hyenas aren’t actually dogs. They are more closely related to cats.(Source.)


Fact #4: Spiked dog collars were invented in ancient Greece and were originally designed to protect dogs throats from wolf attacks.(Source.)

Fact #3: Baks the blind boxer has a seeing eye goose named Buttons. Buttons the four-year-old goose leads her pup around everywhere either by hanging onto him with her neck, or by honking to tell him which way to go.(Source.)


Fact #2: ‘Frito Feet’ is the name of the phenomenon in which the bacteria on a dog’s paws cause them to smell like corn chips. Because a pup’s feet are in constant contact with the ground, they pick up tons of microorganisms in their paws. When dogs cool off by sweating through the pads of their feet, the combo of moisture and bacteria releaces a nutty, popcorn-like aroma. Basically it’s dog B.O. (Source.


Fact #1: Dogs drink water by using forming the back of their tongue into a mini cup.(Source.

drinking dogs

3d Animation Short Film

A small group of cruise-ship revellers find themselves alone on a tropic island. Forced inland, their exploration reveals the mystery that lies at it heart.

25 Best 3D Animation Short Film videos for your inspiration

3d animation short film
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Fortune Elephant Dream – 3d animation short film

Octave, young businessman, nurtures a clandestine passion for money games that shut him deep into addiction. Finding out that her husband is at the cccc and that he is indulging in the pleasure of slot machines, his wife hassles him with reproach over the phone to the point of suffocation. Will Octave manage to win the jackpot despite her repeated calls or will he spend all of his money till the very last coin ? Luck or badluck ? For the compulsive gambler, even under a torrent of…

3d animation short film
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Ben Towne Foundation – The Mighty T

Ben Towne Foundation, together with The Academy, is proud to release The Mighty T, a charming animated short film that brings to life the cutting edge research that is happening at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research.

3d animation short film
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SALES GOSSES – 3d animation short film

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter “SALES GOSSES !”, court métrage validant notre 4ème et dernière année à Lisaa Paris. We are pleased to present “SALES GOSSES !”, a CG short film produced for our graduation of our fourth year at LISAA Paris 2013.

3d animation short film
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Parametric expression – A study of quantified emotion

3d animation short film
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PostHuman – 3d animation short film

Official video for PostHuman – produced by Colliculi Productions. Animated sci-fi thriller short film featuring the voice of Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica). Directed by Cole Drumb. Produced by Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk.

3d animation short film
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Breadheads – 3d animation short film

Each frame, background, and effect were carefully hand drawn to bring the world of Breadheads to life for your viewing pleasure.

3d animation short film
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Spy Fox – 3d animation short film

When the world is threatened by an evil hammerhead shark bent on flooding the world, it’s up to SpyFox to stop him and save the world! This 60’s spy film inspired short will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. SpyFox was produced by Yoav Shtibelman, Taylor Clutter and Kendra Phillips at Ringling College of Art and Design.

3d animation short film
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Free Wheel – 3d animation short film

In the late fifties, in the world famous Roller Derby Hall of Fame, the daily routine of an unassuming cleaning lady will unexpectedly go freewheeling, kicking-off her whole new life.

3d animation short film
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HUGO Vs LINO Award Winning 3D Animation Short Film

3d animation short film
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3D ShortFilm By Kube Animation

3d animation short film
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Memoria – Horror short film by Elisabet

Addicted to drugs and living on the streets in denial, Vincent ends up in an abandoned house, where a dark and twisted entity forces him to face his suppressed past.

3d animation short film
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Saturday The 14th – by Kristjan Lyngmo – 3d animation short film

Check out this funny horror movie parody starring a masked man named Mason, created by the talented Kristjan Lyngmo! Mason would really appreciate it if all you wonderful people would cast your vote for Saturday the 14th on CG Student Awards:)

3d animation short film
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Caldera by Evan Viera – 3d animation short film

Through the eyes of a young girl suffering from mental illness, CALDERA glimpses into a world of psychosis and explores a world of ambiguous reality and the nature of life and death.

3d animation short film
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No Light – 3d animation short film

“No Light” an animation short -represents just few problems where a character daily life has been suffered & unbalanced by power shortage living in a situation in country like Nepal. The character starts his day in no light zone affecting his basic needs from water supply, communication, working environment to entertainment & resulting into sleep deprivation.

3d animation short film
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Heavenly Appeals by David Lisbe – 3d animation short film

After many millennia of being tortured in Hell, Raymond K. Hessle has finally earned a chance to appeal his sentence of Eternal Damnation. Upon arriving at the “appeals” gate of Heaven he is greeted by the angel who will preside over his case. As Raymond waits at the edge of paradise, he will finally have a chance to prove just how worthy he is.

3d animation short film
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Theme Planet Bunny Situation

3d animation short film
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Sega Sonic Night of The Werehog Short Movie

Video courtesy SEGA of America is excited to present Sonic in his very first short film Sonic:Night of the Werehog! This stunning film takes Sonic on an adventure to an eerie lonely house on a dark and stormy night. Follow along with Sonic as he faces some mischievous ghouls and see how brave they are when the moon shines and Sonic becomes the Werehog. Will Sonic survive the night or will the ghosts scare him out into the rain?

3d animation short film
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Carrot Crazy – 3d animation short film

Senior Thesis film produced at Ringling College of Art and Design by Dylan Vanwormer and Logan Scelina.

3d animation short film
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Crayon Dragon Toniko Pantoja

3d animation short film
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Argine – 3d animation short film

3d animation short film
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Before Sunrise by Kealan ORourke

A dark tale of shadow creatures that play throughout the night in a fairytale village. But on this night one particular shadow is tired of his mischevious life and discovers something altogether more magical.

3d animation short film
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Braxton – Animated Short Film By Brad Warren

This is a short film I did over the past 6 months in my spare time. I’m hoping for a career in feature film or games. The film is inspired by my son, Braxton. The rig is the Animation Mentor “Bishop” character. The music is original, written by my brother, Mattison Warren and can be found on iTunes. See link below.

3d animation short film
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History of Greed Women rule again

A man disovers a fruit which is stolen by some monkeys only to leave some seeds. All of a sudden the man has more fruit than he needs until a lady comes along and he gets greedy.

3d animation short film
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Bridge’s Story – Aniboom Animation by Tony Hoang

On a beautiful spring day in the forest, a rabbit, some cute birds, a turtle, a grasshopper, and a family of beavers get into some mischievous fun. When Rabbit tries to sabotage the log bridge that Turtle is constructing over the stream, his plan backfires and Rabbit trips and falls into the water and starts drowning. But the kind Turtle rescues Rabbit, carries him on his shell, and brings him safely to shore. When Rabbit starts shivering from being wet and cold, the friendly birds bring him a…

3d animation short film
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Source: http://webneel.com/25-best-3d-animated-short-films-your-inspiration

Top 10 places to eat in Ubud, Bali

Ubud has rapidly become one of the best places in Bali for food. Here’s our pick, from gastro restaurants set in tropical gardens to roadside cafes and food stalls selling local specialities


Ibu Oka, Ubud

The whole hog … Ibu Oka is an Ubud institution where everyone comes for babi guling, roast suckling pig. All photographs: John Brunton/guardian.co.uk

Ubud offers a wide choice of restaurants, from cheap places serving local cuisine to trendy fusion joints. New places open every month, but not all of them stay open that long, and often it is the places that have been around for years that are the most reliable for quality of food, innovative cooking and price. Balinese cuisine can be refined, surprising and utterly delicious, but Ubud also has its fair share of bland western fast food – pizza, pasta, tex-mex, even fish and chips. Avoid them and discover the delights of authentic satay, suckling pig, grilled fish and local vegetables served at these places.

Ibu Oka Warung

Ibu Oka, Ubud Tucked away in a spot opposite the former Royal Palace, Ibu Oka’s shanty cafe is an Ubud institution that draws both locals and food lovers from around the world. Babi guling is Balinese roast suckling pig and that, and only that, is what everyone is here to feast on. The restaurant opens at around 10.30am and the tables fill up quickly. The roast pigs themselves – they get through around 30 each day – aren’t cooked on the premises but arrive by motorbike, precariously balanced on a tray. Swiftly sliced up, they are served in big chunks in a rattan bowl with rice, fried intestines, spicy vegetables and Ibu Oka’s secret sauce. The pork is unbelievably succulent and the crackling is the best you will ever taste, all for a grand total of £2.
• Jalan Tegal, +62 (0)361 976435

Puteri Minang

Puteri Minang, Ubud Padang food comes from the Muslim island of Sumatra, so it is halal, with no pork on the menu. But it has become immensely popular on Bali, with a couple of stalls in every village, setting out a feast of up to 20 dishes at lunchtime and dinner, to be eaten on the spot or taken home. Puteri Minang has both the best quality and the widest selection of Padang in Bali – to tempt the most adventurous foodie: sambal prawns, curried fish, deep-fried baby eels, spicy rendang (coconut beef), plus a dozen vegetarian dishes such as aubergine, okra, jackfruit and tempeh. It is very easy to get carried away with the self-service system of Padang food, but even if you end up with heaps of food you’ll still pay less than a couple of pounds.
• Jalan Raya Ubud 77,+62 (0)361 975577

Bebek Bengil

Bebek Bengil, Ubud Bebek Bengil means the Dirty Duck Diner, and the anglicised name is used by locals and tourists alike. It is difficult to imagine a more beautiful, relaxed place to savour Bali’s most famous dish, bebek tutu (smoked duck). The whole menu here is almost entirely dedicated to the humble duck – crispy fried duck, duck in chilli sauce, duck fried rice – but the speciality, smoked duck, has to be ordered 24 hours in advance. Smothered in Balinese spices and wrapped in betel leaves, it is slowly smoked for a whole day. Served with rice, satay and vegetables, a whole duck for two people will set you back £13. There is a main restaurant building, but it is fun to reserve one of the traditional bamboo pondoks, raised huts with a long table and cushions, looking out over the rice fields.
• Jalan Hanoman, +62 361 975489

Cafe Lotus

Cafe Lotus Although Cafe Lotus has opened restaurants all over the island, none can compare with the original location, created in 1982 as a bohemian meeting place for local artists and backpackers. Prices have gone up significantly since then, but so has the standard of the food, and this remains one of the most beautiful places in Ubud to have dinner. The cafe looks out over an immense lotus pond bordered by tall flowering trees, and beyond that is the Pura Saraswati temple, which at night comes to life with performances of Balinese dancing accompanied by a gamelan orchestra. Be aware, though, that if you reserve a front-row table during the dance, the price of the performance is added to the bill. The menu here is eclectic to say the least, with dishes ranging from Balinese be-pasih goa lawah (fish marinated in turmeric, lemon grass and ginger then steamed in a banana leaf) to tuna carpaccio or the vegetarian favourite, lentil and shitake soup. If you have  a glass of wine as well, the bill will come to £10-15.
• Jalan Raya Ubud, +62 (0)361 975660, lotus-restaurants.com

Ibu Rai

Ibu Rai, Ubud Although this restaurant has been around for a long time, the cuisine has changed over the years, and today dining at Ibu Rai is full of surprises, with dishes that blend Asian, European and Pacific Rim flavours. On the main menu, try the spicy Thai beef coconut salad or a delicious Balinese chicken avocado salad. Also check the blackboard for specials such as plump honey and ginger glazed prawns sautéed with garlic. Main courses like this cost around £4. Although it is on the busy Monkey Forest Road, the restaurant is set back and the tranquil open dining room is surrounded by plants, flowers, antiques and stone statues.
• Monkey Forest Road, +62 (0)361 973472, iburai.com

Warung Rai Pasti

Rai Pasti, Ubud Try to get one of the tables hidden away at the back of this newly opened warung: they have fabulous views over the rice paddies. Rai Pasti is well-known as Ubud’s finest tailor, and she has moved her workshop off the main road and turned the place into a cheap and cheerful cafe. But it is worth noting that if you want clothes made, she is still the person to go to. This is the place to try simple Balinese classics, like soto ayam (chicken noodle broth), ikan pepes (fish with spice paste steamed in banana leaves), and tempeh goreng (bean curd fried with a sweet sambal sauce). You’ll see babi guling on the menu too, and this is a great place for suckling pig – which comes direct from Rai Pasti’s sister, the famous Ibu Oka – except here you don’t have to queue to be served. Main dishes £2-3.
• Monkey Forest Road, +62 (0)361 970908

Naughty Nuri’s Warung and Grill

Naughty Nuri, Ubud Driving along Jalan Raya you can see the clouds of smoke and smell the irresistible aroma of barbecue long before arriving at Naughty Nuri’s. This is a favourite expat hangout; no one can say the food is Balinese, but anyone who doesn’t grab one the wooden tables in this rickety shack is missing out both on a slice of local life and some of the best ever barbecued spare ribs, lamb and pork chops, and fresh tuna. The atmosphere is always riotous, because the dirty martinis are as good as the food – celeb chef Anthony Bourdain claims they are the best he has drunk outside of New York. The bill should be reasonable, with a plate of ribs costing £4.50, but who knows how many martinis you might order.
• Jalan Raya Sanggingan, tel: +62 (0)361 977547

Warung Nasi Be Tutu

Warung Nasi, Ubud Tourists visit Ubud’s market by the busload, and all they see is store after store on the main street selling Balinese arts and crafts. But down in the basement is a lively food market whose food stalls that will provide an adventure even for the bravest foodie. The place is very dark, with shafts of brilliant sunlight occasionally breaking through, and there is always a crowd of market workers and shoppers hunched on small wooden stools around Wauring Nasi Be Tutu. Kuming serves the food while her mother tends pots and grills on charcoal braziers at the back. The menu is limited but very tasty – simple roast duck, chicken and pork satay smothered in spicy peanut sauce, and soto ayam soup. This Balinese brunch will cost little more than a pound, but come early as everything is finished by around 11am.
• Ubud Market, Jalan Raya


Mozaic, Ubud If you are going to splash out on one gourmet meal in Ubud, reserve a table at Mozaic. The stunning cuisine of Franco-American chef Chris Salans would be garlanded with Michelin stars if this were Europe or America. Eat here in the evening, as a meal can take several hours, and tables are laid out in a magical candle-lit tropical garden. Diners are presented with a choice of two tempting six-course tasting menus that change daily. Salans cooks what inspires him in the moment – sometimes he creates recipes during the evening and doesn’t even tell the waiters, proposing dishes like beef tenderloin and ripe jackfruit in a vermouth and balsamic reduction or grilled yellow-fin tuna with a kaffir lime leaf dressing, and then a ripe tomme de savoie cheese from France, with black truffle honey and apricot sorbet. You’re sure to have a memorable evening, but the tasting menus cost £45-£60 a head, before you’ve ordered wine.
• Jalan Raya Sanggingan, tel: +62 (0)361 975768, mozaic-bali.com


Lamak If Mozaic seems a bit steep, there is an alternative for a memorable dinner. E xpensive by Ubud standards, but a bargain compared with back home, Lamak is a funky diner of the kind you’d normally find in Bali’s hip Semanyak neighbourhood, just north of Kuta. You can sit outside in the lush tropical garden, looking out at the bustling open kitchen, or at a romantic table upstairs in one of the few air-conditioned dining rooms in Ubud, should the heat and humidity get too much. The menu is filled with enticing dishes like sweetbreads with crusted asparagus and turmeric sauce, seared goose liver on glazed apple with a cranberry sauce, and a wonderful Balinese bouillabaisse of barbecued seafood in a tangy starfruit and lemongrass soup. The five-course tasting menu costs £20.
• Monkey Forest Road, +62 (0)361 973482, lamakbali.com

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2011/apr/13/top-budget-restaurants-ubud-bali