Bangkok The Interesting Places in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most targeted countries for holiday and one of the most tourist places must visit in Thailand is Bangkok.

Bangkok has many places of interests and hereunder are the places you must visit.

Wat Arun Temple Bangkok

Wat Arun is a Buddha temple located in Chao Phraya River. The uniqueness of this temple is its wall engraving. Wat Arun was built around 200 hundred years ago. The best time to visit the temple is during sunset. The place is always crowd by many tourists who want to witness its beauty.

Bangkok wonderful lighting

Siam Ocean World

This is a favorite place to visit especially if you are in a family holiday. Siam Ocean World is a sea world that houses more than 30,000 underwater species. It is the biggest aquarium in Southeast. In addition, inside the Siam Ocean World, there is a playground for children and every 30 minutes visitors are allowed to feed some sea creatures such as sharks, penguin and many other fishes.

Royal Grand Palace Bangkok

It is a palace that built in 1782 and becomes the most beautiful building in Thailand as well as the most popular object in Bangkok. Royal Grand Palace was belongs to the kings. Every visitor who enters the palace is requested to dress politely. It is not allowed to wear a short pant to enter the palace.

Bangkok one of must visited place

Khao San Road Bangkok

Khao San Road is one of the busiest roads in Bangkok. You can find cheap accommodations, culinary, bars, souvenir stalls, clothing stores and many more. The best time to explore Khao San Road is at night. Spend your time before leaving Bangkok.

Batcat Toy Museum

Let your children enjoy the holiday too. Take them to Batcat Toy Museum. It is the biggest toy museum in Bangkok that displays more than 50,000 toys.

Bangkok night activity

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Besides Khao San Road, there is another market you must explore. It is Chatuchak Weekend Market. It is the biggest shopping place in Southeast. Trust me, you will spend hours in the market. It is more than 10,000 outlets there. You can find clothing and accessories, books, handcrafts, artworks, jewelries, furniture, restaurants, pets, and other things that ready to load your luggage. If you want to avoid crowds, then visit the market in the morning.

Still you have many interesting places to visit in Bangkok such as wax museum Madame Tussauds, Chinatown, Jim Thompson House and Museum and more.

spend your night at Bangkok

best vacation at Bangkok

wat arun temple Bangkok

Bangkok largest city

Bangkok in night



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