50 More Breathtaking 3d Street Art (paintings)

3d Street Art paintings have been around since the sixteenth century when Italian Renaissance Madonnari and French trompe l’oeil (French for ‘deceive the eye’) painters created stunning murals to decorate the interior walls of luxurious villas. 3d art can also trace it’s routes further back to ancient Greek days when painter Zeuxius (born around 464BC) painted a still life painting so convincing that birds flew down from the sky to peck at the painted grapes. The magic of 3d is created by painting a 2d picture and viewing it from a specific angle to capture the right perspective.

In the twenty first century 3d street art has become incredibly popular, fueled by the internet’s capability to distribute photographs around the world at lightning speed and the use of the art by Brands to create innovative and talked about subtle advertising. 3d Street Artist’s have become famous for producing breathtaking design’s and in this article we are going to feature some of their latest and most awe-inspiring pictures.

Duality – Second of three ‘cave’ projects. Moscow, Russia.

Star Mild. Bandung Indonesia.

Street Advertising Services (SAS)

Shelterbox. London, England.

Dolphin. London, England.

Swans. London, England.

TV Tiger, Berlin, Germany.

Max Rules! Abu dhabi, UAE.

Celebrating the release of Jamie Cullum’s new album. London, England.

Brandon Trust bridge. Bristol, England.

Jameson’s Cult Film Club. Liverpool, England.

Jameson’s Cult Film Club. Manchester, England.

A4e Road Trip. Wolverhampton, England.

Unilever, Magnum Ice Cream. Essex, England.

Ikea. London, England.

English Heritage. Newcastle, England.

Ropey bridge. London, England.



. London, England.

London this way. Bath, England.

Put the Kettle on. London, England.

Dirty Sewer. Manchester, England.

Manfred Stader

Swimming Pool. Lodz, Poland.

Jinro, a Korean drink. Seoul, Korea.


Ericsson. Vilnius, Lithiuania.

Lincoln Mercury TV advert. Los Angeles, USA.


Convention – Need for Speed. Leipzig, Germany.

Created for Green Week. Brussels, Belgium.

BMW. Berlin, Germany.

Awareness for Maritime Week. Brussels, Belgium.

Anti-AIDS campaign. Oslo, Norway.

Waterfall in airport. Amsterdam, Netherland.

Julian Beever

Crab Catching. London, England.

Santa Claus. London, England.

Two Worlds.

Accident Railway Station. Zurich, Switzerland.

Accident Building site. Vienna, Austria.

Slate Whiskey. Glasgow, England.

Portable Computer. London, England.

Bank. London, England.

Rescue- Fireman is climbing down into the real world. London, England.

Ballantines. Montevideo, Uruguay.

Beneath every street. London, England.

Coke. London, England.

Tracy Lee Stum

Cliffs of Curacao. Curacao.

Really hot Asphalt. Florida, USA.

Mousetrap. Florida, USA.

F1 Car at the Singapore Grand Prix. Singapore.

Caution Steep Grade E3 Expo. Los Angeles, USA.

National Train Day. California, USA.

Lions Gate. China.

Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/more-breathtaking-3d-street-art-paintings/


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